Gremlin Trouble TPB volume 1

Gremlin Trouble TPB volume 1

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Gremlin Trouble is a light-hearted techno-fantasy adventure comic published between 1995 and 2004. The comic features Gremlins , an obscure but mis-represented type of fairy which specialize in machines and technology. The main character is Cypher, a stormfairy who is deprived of her wings and is turned into a gremlin by an evil spirit. The stories follow her adventures in a future dystopian world where humans live in population centers,  completely dependent on their fragile technology to stay alive. The present webcomic - "Gremlin Princess" is the sequel to Gremlin Trouble.

In this first volume, Stormfairy Cypher loses her wings and gets changed into a Gremlin with catastrophic results. Over 200 pages from the days when we didn't have any page count discipline whatsoever! Contains books 1-6.



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