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Gremlin Princess book 1 is a full-color graphic novel first story-arc compilation of the Gremlin Princess web-comic  Gremlin Princess is a whimsical fantasy story about Gremlin Princess Digit from Gremlinland, who's best friends with fairy princess exchange student Appleblossom. Their joint senior high school project to strip-mine fairyland for magic crystals gets wildly out of hand when Digit "borrows" from her parents and then has lifted from her a dangerous alien matter-exchanger-transporter device to create a 100K-ton mining-machine in fairyland.  Digit and Appleblossom end up exciled in "Miss Stahlbacken's Academy for Young Entities" (an escapte-proof punishment school for spoiled elites).  Dark forces now have the alien device and Digit's parent, and they'll stop at no outrage to learn the device's secrets.

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